“Only eat foods that spoil or rot, but eat them before they do.”

Living foods are delicious, nourishing and sustaining. When you exclusively eat living foods, you do not want to overeat. They are one of the foundations for a long, youthful and satisfying life.

The foods recommended in these recipes will raise your energy to sustained levels you have never known before. A diet for a long and vital life is based on good oils, vegetables, eggs, fish, poultry and meat. It also includes small quantities of fruit, nuts and possibly whole-grains.

A living food diet will heal your digestive system, remove toxins, and then heal your body. It will also have a dramatic effect on your mental health and state of wellbeing.

Converting from processed foods to living foods means changing from a trolley of boxes, packets and tins at the supermarket, to a larger load of fresh, organic produce. A better alternative than supermarkets are the organic and free-range shops that are springing up around every city. Some farmers also drive into the city and sell their produce from the side of a truck at a growers market. The ultimate is to grow your own, or personally know the farmer who grew the produce.

This is not as daunting as it sounds. A small city garden, once it is established, can provide much of the vegetables and fruit consumed by a family. You get organic, ripe-picked fruit, vegetables and herbs that are in season, have ten times as much flavour as supermarket produce, and even more nutrition. If you cannot have a garden, you can grow a few plants in pots or a window box.

To be continued…………watch this space………..